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  • Remont Remodeling LLC _Bathroom_Tile_


  • Rainier Renovations NW

  • DvG General Contracting

  • All-weather construction llc

  • Flores & Flores General Construction LLC

  • Floor Installation

  • De Luxe Installers

  • JVM Painting LLC



What components are involved in a flooring installation price estimate?

If a flooring installation or replacement specialist is creating an estimate for your project, they will include the materials being used and the labor.

How much should one expect to pay for flooring installation performed by professionals?

The average cost for a flooring installation project is typically $0.60 to $4 per square foot, but this is usually labor alone. The total cost will depend on the kind of materials you choose and how many rooms need floors installed.

What is the best quote for quality flooring installations?

Rates for flooring installations will range between $0.60 to $4 per square foot, so getting what you think is the best price will vary on the flooring installation contractor's rates, the the type of flooring being installed, and how much labor is involved with your project.

What is the title for an individual who lays flooring?

When you are hiring someone to install brand new flooring in your house, they are a floor contractor. Flooring professionals will:

  • Get rid of old flooring, the bottoms of walls, and more
  • Clear out and level the surface for installation
  • Measure the space and cut material to fit properly
  • Set up the materials according to design plans

Professional Flooring Replacement Company in Lilliwaup, WA

Updated floors can breathe new life into a home and come in an almost unlimited amount of materials and styles that suit any interior design preference, but putting them in may be a job for an expert. You can browse different contractors offering professional flooring replacement services in Lilliwaup, WA on Thumbtack.

Our home management platform creates a smooth process of finding professionals for all kinds of flooring installation projects. Search, compare, contact, book, and hire the flooring replacement company that meets your qualifications and budget all in one convenient platform. Thumbtack even gathers useful data such as average flooring installation costs and reviews from other people in your area to help you hire the best flooring replacement company. You don't need to go it alone when trying to find the right flooring contractors for your project – Thumbtack has everything you need.

Bear in mind that a good flooring replacement and flooring installation contractor will offer benefits such as:

  • An extensive inventory of flooring options to fit your personal aesthetic
  • New, innovative products
  • Proper manufacturer-recommended applications
  • Factory-trained installation techniques
  • Affordable price points

Getting the right person for your project is the first essential step if you're in need of dependable floor installation services. Browse through our extensive professional profiles to see highly-rated contractors and companies in Lilliwaup, WA. Learn more about what every company has to offer as you're narrowing down your search, such as pricing, services, reviews, and more. With everything there is to think about when it comes to flooring, it's best to talk to an expert who can handle every detail. Begin your search on Thumbtack to get your project started on the right path.