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What sort of finish should I choose for my hardwood floors?

Two of the most attractive varnishes are water-based and oil-based polyurethane varnish. The oil-based kind dry slowly and turn into an amber hue over time, which means they're more suitable for yellowish or dark hues. On the other hand, the water-based alternative preserves the original color of the wood, lending itself to a variety of wood species. Stained flooring and red oak flooring do great with either one of these choices. Polyurethane finishes are fantastic for flooring because it’s resilient enough withstand nearly anything and stays in good condition under constant traffic. Both have their strong points, so the one you select will be based on the sort of wood you have and the look you’re going for.

Is professional hardwood floor refinishing worth it?

It’s worth it for homeowners to invest in hardwood floor refinishing work because it’s one of the most practical home improvement projects. It enhances your property's appearance by removing stains and faded colors, scratches, water damage, and dents. You can finish your flooring with rich hues and deep tones that bring out the warmth and beauty of the wood grain pattern. It also protects your flooring from more damage and extends their longevity by keeping them in good condition for years. Maintaining your hardwood flooring with professional refinishing services will make your home more enjoyable to live in and boost your property value on the real estate market if you want to sell.

What's the normal timeframe for finishing hardwood floor refinishing services?

When you get in touch with a professional contractor for more information about hardwood floor refinishing services, they’ll discuss the procedure and timeframe for your unique job. You can typically plan on a refinishing project to last a few days to finish and about twelve days to allow the finish to dry before you can put the furniture back in its place. Oil-based polyurethane might take some time to dry but provides more longevity and glossier flooring that pulls the room together.

What signs point to the need for a hardwood floor refinishing project?

Hardwood floor refinishing should be considered when there are signs of damage that diminishes from its value and appearance. Some of the damage you might observe involves water damage, scratches, and dents, fading or discoloration, and stains. Homeowners should think about having refinishing services about every 10 years when this damage becomes more obvious. You can revitalize your flooring with awesome results. Getting refinishing services will extend its durability and provide you the opportunity to apply a new, beautiful, stained finish.

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Hardwood refinishing is a fantastic way to improve how your floors look and keep them in good condition for a long time. Old floors can begin to show signs of wear and aging, that can look dull and outdated. Hardwood floor refinishing is the answer for years of accumulated damage with a restored surface. Getting a trained and knowledgeable professional contractor to take care of the project will allow you to achieve the best possible results. There are various professional contractors and companies to pick from in Lombard, Illinois that are equipped to meet your needs.

A skilled contractor will have the equipment and techniques to repair damage as a component of the refinishing project. If you see damage such as stains, discoloration, dents, and scratches, you will be happy to find that you can unveil beautiful hardwood floors below the surface without the expense of replacing it. Sanding and other repairs can get your floors ready to apply a new varnish, whether it’s a water-based or oil-based polyurethane gloss. On Thumbtack, you can swiftly browse professional profiles and pick a company to perform the refinishing job.

Our full-scope home management platform is free to download and easy to use, so you can efficiently check out and contrast profiles. When it’s time for hardwood floor refinishing, begin your search on Thumbtack and quickly narrow down your options. You can send a message to contractors, request estimates, and arrange an appointment in one accessible app. Take advantage of our mobile platform, where we match homeowners with the most skilled contractors near you. We make it easier for you to recruit the right professional for the project and enhance the value of your home with budget-friendly upkeep.