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How do I compare flooring estimates?

As you shop new floors, you will likely have many project estimates to mull over. Here are three ways you can weigh your options:

  • Discrepancy Between Estimates: If your lowest quote is 10% (or more) cheaper than the most expensive quote, they are probably cutting corners. Rarely should there be more than a 10% difference between each quote.
  • Installation Process: In regards to your warranty, ask if your flooring contractor is following an approved practice by the manufacturer. This way, if you have to make a claim on your warranty, you won't have a conflict.
  • Online Reviews: Companies should always respond to feedback from customers online. If you see them ignoring negative feedback, they may not be a good fit. Ratings under four stars can also be a red flag.
What's the method for calculating a flooring installation estimate?

The best way to determine approximately how much your floor installation is going to cost is to calculate the square footage of the area you're having the flooring put in. For the square footage, you'll need measurements of the length and width of the room. Then multiply the length by the width for your square footage. For example, if the room is 13 feet wide and 20 feet long, you will need enough flooring for 260 square feet.

What parts are taken into consideration for a flooring installation quotation?

An estimate for the job should factor in both products and installation costs.

What expenses can you anticipate to pay for flooring installation done by contractors?

The average price for flooring installation is normally $0.60 to $4/sq ft, but this is just the work alone, not the materials. The overall price will depend on the type of products you pick and how many rooms need floors installed.

Certified Flooring Repair Company in Kittredge, CO

Newly repaired or installed floors can breathe new life into a home and come in an almost unlimited amount of products that suit any interior, but putting them in may be something you want to leave to a professional. You can search various contractors offering vetted flooring installation services in Kittredge, CO on Thumbtack.

With Thumbtack, you'll be able to find the right candidate to handle your flooring replacements in Kittredge, CO. Many flooring contractors offer samples of the various materials they sell. That way you can see the details of the materials and how they'll appear in your home. When you select the exact type of product you want, a flooring contractor will take care of everything else. Find the right flooring expert for new flooring that refreshes your space and gives you the perfect interior design.

Bear in mind that a professional flooring replacement and flooring installation contractor will provide advantages like:

  • Do they provide a variety of flooring materials to suit the design and functionality you need for your home?
  • The newest products available
  • Proper factory-recommended practices
  • Factory-recommended installation procedures
  • Do their prices fit your budget?

Finding the right candidate for the job is the first important step if you're in need of dependable floor installation services. Take a look at Thumbtack's extensive profiles to see certified contractors and companies in Kittredge, CO. See what each contractor can provide as you're narrowing down your search, such as costs, services, reviews, and more. With all there is to consider with flooring, it's best to consult with a professional who can take care of everything. Start your search on Thumbtack to get your project started on the right foot.